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Which Radiology Billing Services Do I Really Need?

Any type of medical billing and coding is a complex process. Each of these processes differs depending on the radiology procedure performed, the health insurer, and the patient. Therefore,.

Radiology Billing: Insourced vs. Outsourced Services

The growth of a radiology practice is highly dependent on the effectiveness of its billing procedures, especially for a young practice. The combination of poor billing software and ineffective.

Pick Two: The Universal Coding Dilemma

Medical coding has been in search of the holy grail for a long time. We define this as the perfect blend of the following: Speed Accuracy Low cost Medical Coding Initiatives In the quest for the.

How Insourced Radiology Billing Benefits Groups & Imaging Centers

Insourced Radiology Billing for Small Groups and Imaging Centers Many small self-billing radiology groups and imaging centers are struggling. Why? Well, that’s a loaded question. There are several.

Patient Collection Strategies for Radiology Billing

There is an old saying in billing that self-pay equals "no pay". While it is still very hard to collect from patients, there are some things you can do to increase the odds of payment. 3 Ways to.

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