Dexios Cloud Coding

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the high costs of managing medical coding, tedious coding processes, or the challenge of finding the right staff, our Cloud Coding solution is here to alleviate your concerns. Dexios Cloud Coding offers the power of Maverick Medical AI's industry-leading medical coding platform through Dexios' license. Maverick Medical AI provides autonomous coding through deep learning transformers and neural networks for medical coding, a unique feature not found in any other coding solution on the market. As one of Maverick's first customers, Dexios leverages its strong partnership to secure the best pricing for you. Dexios will also provide a seamless implementation for your staff through our management and provide the coders necessary for proper account setup. Finally, Dexios offers the option of utilizing our coding staff to work the remaining 15%+ that does not go direct-to-bill through the Maverick system.

Revolutionize Your Coding with Maverick Medical AI:

Maverick Medical AI takes the burden off your in-house coding team by automating the process with its innovative platform, translating to significant benefits for your radiology group:

  • Industry Leading Direct-to-Bill: Up to 85% of your procedures will be coded with exceptional accuracy by Maverick, streamlining your billing process and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Human Expertise for Complex Cases: Dexios' team of experienced human coders can handle the 15%+ of complex procedures, ensuring comprehensive AI auditing and compliant coding for every case.
  • Seamless Integration: Dexios offers a hybrid implementation approach, seamlessly integrating AI and human coding to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency.
  • Significant Cost Reduction:  Automating up to 85% of your coding through Dexios' platform of Maverick Medical AI can significantly reduce the costs of manual coding and lead to reduced operational expenses. 
  • Reduced Denials: Maverick's deep learning models ensure highly accurate coding, minimizing claim denials and maximizing reimbursements.
  • Leading-Edge Technology: Maverick's proprietary generative AI and synthetic data generation capabilities put them at the forefront of medical coding solutions, translating to continuous improvement and adaptation, ensuring your coding stays compliant and efficient.

Partner with Dexios and unlock the power of AI-driven medical coding today!