2015 Customer of the Year

Dexios is proud to announce that we have earned the prestigious ImagineSoftware Customer of the Year award for our work at Advanced Diagnostic Imaging in Saginaw, Michigan. This award is given annually by ImagineSoftware to the one practice out of more than 500 that is achieving extraordinary results.

Customer of the Year award

ImagineSoftware is the leader of billing automation software and revenue management applications, offering powerful technology solutions for medical billing offices, practices, and hospitals, currently serving more than 10,000 physicians. ImagineSoftware solutions improve efficiency and build value while applying high quality standards to data integrity.

ImagineSoftware is the #1 Billing Software System for Radiology practices.

  • 575 Practices in the United States
  • 170 Million Procedures Billed
  • $2 Billion in Charges

In a region of the country blighted by the loss of manufacturing jobs and hit hard by the most severe economic downturn in generations, Dexios managed a billing practice that collected a staggering 96 cents per dollar compared with the national average of 80 cents per dollar. Our method of custom tailoring solutions to best match the unique needs of each radiology group allows us to consistently deliver industry leading collection rates.

imagine awards

This isn’t the first coveted award won by the management team at Dexios.

Our team members have received major awards in three of the last ten years. Additionally, Dexios is one of the very few billing management companies to produce the level of performance required to receive recognition from ImagineSoftware.

Let us help your billing department deliver award winning results. Schedule a free, no obligation billing analysis and coding audit with Dexios today!

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