Outsourced Radiology Billing & Coding

When you outsource your practice's billing operations to us, we move all related tasks to one of Dexios’ offices. From there, we provide superior billing results at a low cost.

When to Outsource Your Billing

Outsourced billing and coding is standard practice for radiology groups. Accurate billing requires specialized training, experience and dedicated employees. Many groups don’t have the means or resources to perform such critical tasks in-house.

If your group or practice is challenged by a high cost of billing, poor collections, or experiences difficulty finding and retaining knowledgeable billers and coders, outsourced billing is a great solution. Perhaps you already outsource, but your provider delivers sub-par service with less than stellar results.

Outsourced Services

Outsourced billing allows you to take advantage of Dexios’ focused expertise in the ever-changing landscape of radiology billing. Reduce your practice’s employment costs, and eliminate office space and equipment overhead by outsourcing your radiology practice billing.

Outsourced billing covers the full scope of your needs:

Radiology Billing Services

  • Filing claims
  • Managing claim rejections
  • Working denials
  • Patient collections
  • Checking for correct payment according to contract
  • Payment Posting

Radiology Coding Services

  • Charge audits
  • Working addendums
  • Coding for MIPS

Creation of interfaces to RIS, PACS and HIS

Reporting and Data Analytics

Carrier Reimbursement Analysis

Working with Collection Agency

Physician Credentialing

Refund Management

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Billing

It remains a surprise to us that more groups and practices don’t outsource billing. Frankly, outsourced billing costs the same as in-house billing, but comes free of the hassles and challenges associated with managing a billing department.

Some of the primary benefits to outsourcing your radiology billing include:

  • Larger economies of scale
  • Better leverage on clearinghouses and statement vendors
  • Superior service and expert oversight
  • Insight to impactful billing industry trends

Partner with us and we’ll share with you all the advantages outsourced billing offers. Let Dexios, an award-winning radiology billing company, be your trusted advisor.

There are many billing companies who will tell you they are the very best. We have the trophies to prove it.