Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Dexios been in business?

  • Dexios was founded in 2007

How is Dexios different from other billing companies?

  • Dexios can do it all when it comes to radiology billing. You have probably heard the expression “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Dexios doesn’t force fit one or two solutions to fit any and all situations, but has a full “tool belt” of offering to provide a nuanced solution to the need. The company was built on the premise to be an ideal billing partner that puts our client’s interests first.

How does Dexios estimate its fee?

  • Dexios calculates what it will take to maximize collections based on the complexity of the procedures and processes. It then allocates staff from its world-class billing and coding employees. Once that baseline is established, Dexios sets its fee. This process starts with maximizing collections and optimizing the True Cost of Billing for our clients, not putting out a low fee to win the business or maximizing Dexios’ profits.

Does Dexios charge a start-up fee?

  • Dexios does not charge a set-up fee.

Does Dexios set up an office for my practice?

  • If we have an in-sourcing client, we set up an office. We have found that it is not necessary to have local billers and coders to maximize collections.

Does Dexios provide physician documentation support?

  • Dexios will provide feedback to clients on dictation improvements to insure proper, compliant documentation to all charges as well as to maximize reimbursement.

Does Dexios provide the negotiation of managed care contracts?

  • Dexios can provide negotiation of managed care contracts through one of our practice management offerings.

Does Dexios provide credentialing services?

  • Dexios provides provider enrollment services as part of our standard billing contract.

Are there up-front costs to my practice for hardware and software installation?

  • There are no upfront costs for our clients unless there are unique circumstances.

Will I work and confer with senior management on a regular basis?

  • Yes

What billing software does Dexios use?

  • Imagine

Does Dexios provide a standard package of reports?

  • Dexios has a wide array of standard and custom reporting for our clients. We have a recommended reporting package but can easily adjust our reporting to meet our client’s needs.

What about custom reports?

  • Dexios can provide custom reporting for our clients.

Can Dexios help with MIPS?

  • Dexios will help our clients set their measures and do claim reporting free of charge. We can also provide the client registry reporting at a deeply discounted rate.

"We have been very pleased with Dexios and would recommend them without reservation . Since Dexios took over our revenue cycle management a little over two years ago, we have seen both enhanced revenue and decreased days in accounts receivable compared with our previous provider."

Dr. Michael A

Radiology Imaging Center

Case Study

This valuable guide will walk through how we were able to help one of our clients reduced their radiology billing costs by 20% while keeping their billing and coders in-house.