Right Hand Man

The name Dexios is an ancient Greek word. It literally means "right hand".

To the ancient Greeks, it had the same connotation as our modern term “right hand man” – someone who was loyal, honest, and had your back. Dexios strives to be the "right hand man" to our radiology clients.

Dexios' founder envisioned a better billing company focused solely on providing expert help to radiology practices — and we've been a leader in this industry for over a decade!

Our goal is to enable clients to apply the same care, respect, and diligence to the billing of their patients as they do to their diagnostic imaging services. With Dexios you get a deep well of experts to draw from and also the personal touch — you know who the executives are and have their cell numbers too!


Being a partner to radiologists means first, listening to them.

Being a partner to radiologists means first, listening to them.

Our relationship with clients begins by understanding their unique struggles, needs, and goals before developing a recommended course of action. Next, we help our clients better understand the ever-changing state of radiology billing and show them how their own billing department stacks up by comparison. Finally, we recommend a tailored solution for improving the performance of their billing department.

By focusing on a single specialty, Dexios is able to offer cutting-edge expertise in the ever changing landscape of radiology billing.

We enable our clients to maximize their revenue for the work that they do. Our full range of radiology billing services includes ImagineSoftware sales and service, training, outsourcing, insourcing, cloud billing, supplemental services, and practice management. All Dexios services are provided by our radiology billing experts. We provide our services at your location or at one of our regional billing centers.

ImagineSoftware Sales & Setup
Training Training
Outsourcing Outsourcing
insourcing Insourcing
Cloud Billing Cloud Billing
Supplemental Services Supplemental Services
Practice Management Practice Management

There are many billing companies who will tell you they are the very best. We have the trophies to prove it.