How Insourced Radiology Billing Benefits Groups & Imaging Centers

Insourced Radiology Billing for Small Groups and Imaging Centers

Many small self-billing radiology groups and imaging centers are struggling.

Why? Well, that’s a loaded question. There are several battles self-billers face. Unfortunately, most of them result in costs suffering on top of less than stellar collections.

Challenges of radiology groups and imaging centers include:

  • Too high of costs
  • Lack of any economies of scale
  • Keeping pace with industry changes and requirements

To them, there doesn’t seem to be a reasonable solution. They don’t trust billing companies because they believe they’ll never collect like their own billers. They’ve heard horror stories; maybe they’ve been burned in the past.

So, what’s the answer?

How Radiology Billing In-Sourcing Benefits Small Groups and Imaging Centers

The answer to the challenges faced by most small radiology groups and imaging centers is in-sourcing.

In-sourcing is when Dexios takes over your billing staff and implements their award-winning processes and oversight.

Your staff remains intact, no one is replaced, no one is laid off. Your billing is done by the same people you have trusted and known for years only now they have the tools and assistance to take your collections to the next level.

Straightforward, Proven Insourced Radiology Billing

You may wonder, what’s the catch? Believe it or not, there isn’t one!

In every case so far where Dexios has in-sourced the billing department of a radiology group or imaging center, the costs have remained flat or gone down, coupled with the collections going up. This has been the case 100% of the time.

There are additional benefits as well.

4 Benefits of In-Sourcing

1. Seamless Transition

You don’t have to worry about collections dropping during the transition. The same billers and coders know your old software and can collect on that AR as long as you want to maintain the old system.

2. Satisfied Employees

Existing billers and coders are protected. Since Dexios hires them, they still have jobs. In many cases, they stay at their desks, with the same computers, chairs, etc.

3. Professional Oversight

Gain expert help with things such as MIPS, claim rejections, denials, charge audits, and more.

4. Advanced Billing Software

You get the benefit of being on ImagineSoftware, the best radiology billing solution available today, without having to purchase it. If you are already on Imagine, the transition is even easier.

Achieve Excellent Self-Billing Results With In-Sourcing

Insourced billing offers the best of both worlds--self-billing with the advantages of an outsourced model and the proficiency of a larger billing operation.

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