Dexios expands partnership with Maverick Medical AI

Through this partnership, Dexios will expand its solution offering to its customer base by leveraging Maverick's AI-powered Autonomous Medical Coding Platform. April 23, 2024 —Dexios, a.

Dexios chooses Maverick Medical AI as its AI Medical Coding Solution

Through this partnership, Dexios will leverage Maverick’s AI-powered Autonomous Medical Coding Platform to help scale its operations, improve consistency across its coding team, and reduce.

What to Look for When Selecting a Radiology-specific Revenue Cycle Management Company

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is a grueling task, which is why radiology groups and imaging centers outsource their billing for a few reasons. When your revenue cycle is managed carefully, you can.

How To Choose Between The Top Radiology Billing Companies

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is an arduous task, which is why many radiology groups and imaging centers are outsourcing their billing to top radiology billing companies. Which brings us to the main.

IT Security: Tips To Keep Your Radiology Billing Organization Secure

Cyber Attacks, HIPAA Security Regulations, Online Phishing Scams, Internal Protections, External Protections, EPHI, Encryption, does your head hurt yet? IT Security is overwhelming, costly, and.

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