Dexios expands partnership with Maverick Medical AI

Through this partnership, Dexios will expand its solution offering to its customer base by leveraging Maverick's AI-powered Autonomous Medical Coding Platform.


April 23, 2024Dexios, a radiology-specific revenue-cycle management (RCM) company serving imaging centers and hospital-based radiologists throughout the U.S., expands its partnership with Maverick Medical AI, or Maverick, a provider of an innovative and autonomous AI-powered medical coding platform.

Through this partnership, Dexios will offer its customers Maverick’s AI-powered Autonomous Medical Coding Platform, providing a customized plan to maximize their revenue.

Maverick’s platform has already been integrated into Dexios’ system, which serves several radiology clinics, imaging centers, and hospitals across 16 states. As an RCM service provider, Dexios leverages Maverick’s Autonomous Medical Coding platform to support its entire operation by underpinning the work of its medical coders and leverage Maverick’s leading-edge autonomous medical coding platform to optimize reimbursement for its customers.

We are excited to expand our partnership with Dexios, a decision that underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in revenue cycle management. says Michael Brozino, CCO and Co-Founder of Maverick Medical AI. “This expansion is not just about the evolution of our solution offerings, but it's a reflection of our shared vision and unwavering commitment to driving transformative change in the revenue cycle. Together with Dexios, we are poised to unlock new efficiencies, enhance customer value, and redefine the standards of financial performance in the industry. Our collaboration sets the stage for an era of growth and success, powered by a partnership that's as strategic as it is synergetic.”

"At Dexios, we're constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve our clients' revenue cycle management," says Ginna Tucker, Executive Vice President at Dexios. "Partnering with Maverick Medical AI allows us to offer a best-in-class AI-powered coding platform that streamlines coding, optimizes reimbursements, and ultimately empowers radiologists to focus on what they do best – providing exceptional patient care. We're thrilled to expand this partnership as a reseller and believe it will be a game-changer for both the medical billing industry and radiology groups across the country."


About Dexios:

Dexios is an award-winning radiology billing company that delivers customized solutions to optimize its clients' billing processes and revenue. Dexios' founder envisioned a better billing company focused solely on providing expert help to radiology practices, and Dexios has been a leader in this industry for over a decade. Dexios’ goal is to apply the same care, respect, and diligence to billing our client’s patients as they do to their diagnostic and interventional imaging services.

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About Maverick Medical AI

Maverick Medical AI streamlines medical coding for healthcare providers, including imaging centers and hospitals, by automating the process with its personalized Autonomous Medical Coding Platform, leading to decreased operational expenses, reduced denials, and increased direct-to-bill percentage. Its proprietary deep learning generative AI models and synthetic data generation capabilities set it apart from the competition as the go-to solution for any medical coding needs. 

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