Which Radiology Billing Solution Is Right For You?

One of our main goals at Dexios is to create solutions to solve any radiology group or imaging center billing problem. You’ve probably heard the expression that “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” To this end, we have worked diligently to provide you with a complete set of tools.

Dexios offers a full, dynamic suite of solutions, so it’s most advantageous to give you a complete breakdown on each service, and describe its impact in various circumstances.  

Outsourced Billing

This solution allows you to take advantage of Dexios’ focused expertise in the ever-changing landscape of radiology billing. Reduce your practice’s employment costs and eliminate office and equipment overhead by outsourcing your radiology practice’s billing.

Outsourcing is a great solution for groups that…

    • employ fewer than 20 radiologists for hospital-based groups, fewer than 12 in a global billing setting.
    • currently outsource, but are unsatisfied with their billing company.
    • self-bill in-house, but struggle with billing incompetency.
  • self-bill in-house, but faced with hefty billing costs.

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In-sourced Billing

In-sourcing is when Dexios takes over your existing billers and coders, trains and manages them like our own employees. This enables you to provide high quality in-house service, while also acquiring efficiencies of scale and improved collection rates.

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In-sourced billing makes sense for groups that…

    • retain good billers and coders, but lack the expertise to achieve above average results.
    • self-bill in-house, but lack the size to achieve any economies of scale.
    • self-bill in-house, but struggle to succeed in other billing areas like MIPS, compliance, reporting, etc.
    • want to protect the jobs of in-house billers and coders.
    • want to switch to Imagine billing and get access to Imagine’s billing experts
    • will be without a billing supervisor or practice manager and lack a good replacement.
  • want both outsourced billing benefits with the comfort and security of having billing staff on-site.

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Cloud-billing is when your Imagine software is hosted on a Dexios server, but your billers and coders are doing the work. With cloud-billing you get on the industry’s most advanced billing and practice management software, with guided data migration and complete software training.

Cloud-billing works for groups that….

    • want to use Imagine software, but need Imagine experts to provide insight from a billing perspective.
    • lack a dedicated IT staff, or have an IT staff who doesn’t know the software.
  • want to use Imagine, but feel the costs are too high to make the investment.

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Supplemental Services

Dexios’ supplemental services benefit practices who either 1) already use Imagine, but need help taking it to the next level, or 2) want to implement Imagine and need experts to get you off the ground running. Dexios can provide highly-skilled US-based billers to help with billing backlog or fill in during employee shortages.   

Many groups use supplemental services because they…

    • want to utilize Imagine software, but need Imagine experts to provide insight from a billing perspective.
    • need to implement Imagine quickly with help from experts to make it happen.
    • use Imagine, but struggle with high Days in AR, low Net Collections, system issues, etc.
    • use Imagine, but need an expert to help implement best practices.  
  • lack the right people in-house to do anything Imagine-related.

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Which radiology billing solution is best for your practice?

Now that we’ve broken down all our services and which are best fits for certain scenarios, how can we help you achieve better than average radiology practice or imaging center billing? Dexios will customize the right solutions for you from our comprehensive service offerings. If you have a radiology billing or coding problem, we have a world-class solution.

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