Imagine User Group: A New Community for Imagine Software Users

The customers of ImagineSoftware now have access to a user-created, user-operated group.

The goals of the group are to share best practices concerning Imagine, and for the community to help Imagine improve its product and service offerings.

As many Imagine users know, there is a venue on Imagination, Imagine’s user’s only educational and community platform, for people to talk and chat. Sadly, for whatever reason, the community aspect of it is underutilized. Imagine does a great job of communicating with its users. Yet, although Imagine proactively encourages it, users aren’t doing a stellar job of either communicating back, or even communicating amongst themselves. We aim to change that for the benefit of the user community, and Imagine.

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The user’s group has been in existence for about 6 months. We had our first meeting at the 2017 Imagine Conference in Charlotte. We have a private Facebook page where we can communicate with one another.

The group is not sponsored by Imagine, nor does Imagine formally participate. Several iterations of a user’s group were tried prior to this including Imagine executives. The problem was that when Imagine personnel participated, the group deferred to them both organizing it and setting the agenda. An effective user’s group needs to have active participation and leadership from the users themselves.

Our basic rules are as follows:

    • Come ready to participate and contribute.
    • No solicitation or sale of services.
    • Allow people to speak freely.
  • Keep what is shared among members confidential.

If you would like to participate in the Imagine User’s Group, please contact Kyle Tucker at Dexios.

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At this time, the group is open to all current Imagine users. We do not allow vendors or Med/FM users in the group. We do allow, and encourage, multiple people from one organization.  

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