Imagine Software Sales & Setup

Imagine Software is the leading provider of software automation for revenue cycle and practice management. Dexios is an award-winning retailer of Imagine Software, and the first vendor of Imagine's cloud billing solutions. Move your practice to the industry's most advanced billing and practice management software available, and start enjoying the benefits today.

Imagine Software with Dexios

Dexios is an authorized reseller of Imagine Software, the #1 radiology software in the country. Built for radiology, and capable of handling any situation that a billing operation might face, it’s no surprise that Imagine has an 80% share of the market.

Choosing to purchase and implement Imagine Software through Dexios offers many benefits compared to going directly through Imagine. Working with us on the transition presents greater chance for success because we’ll ensure it’s the right solution for you. It doesn’t cost any more, or offer any less support.

Transitioning to Imagine Software

There are several options for transitioning to Imagine. Dexios will assist you in choosing the best fit. No option is one size fits all, and each comes with its own set of advantages. Some questions we will ask you include:

  • What are you trying to achieve by making a change in billing?
  • Do you have a strong billing and coding staff?
  • Have you quantified your True Cost of Billing?
  • Do you have good billing management?
  • How do your basic billing metrics compare to national averages?
  • Are there specific areas of your billing process that are broken?

Imagine Software is a great choice for radiology groups and practices who have strong billing management with well-performing billing and coding staff. Our team will make sure that owning your own software license will help you achieve and exceed your goals. Let us help you find the right solution for your unique circumstances.

Imagine Software Benefits

  • Industry’s most powerful billing software
  • Benchmarking to ensure maximum collections
  • Tailored radiology billing solutions
  • Customized manager and user level training
  • Access to a user-operated educational and community forum

Dexios earned Imagine Software’s prestigious Customer of the Year award. Find out how your billing department can deliver award winning results.

There are many billing companies who will tell you they are the very best. We have the trophies to prove it.