What is Partial Outsourcing in Radiology Billing?

There has long been a debate about whether you should self-bill or outsource your billing. Many papers have been written about this topic which a cursory Google search will reveal. Maybe the right answer isn’t an “either/or” but a “both.”

Focus on Your Strengths

Some of our clients are starting to outsource pieces of their radiology billing to fill holes in their service. Perhaps they feel very good about their billers, but their coding is lacking. Maybe they have developed a backlog of credit balances that need to be worked, or help with MIPS/MACRA. The point is you don’t have to choose between 100% do it yourself, or 100% outsourcing. You can pick and choose which functions you want to do and which you want to give to someone else.

We have a client that has a non-coder billing manager. She feels very comfortable managing the process of denials, payment posting, refunds, etc., but feels that someone with expertise in running a coding department can better handle the coders. In this case, Dexios hires the existing coders, and has a service-level agreement on speed and accuracy.

It’s an easy fix to a chronic problem. You do the things you are good at doing and give those tasks where you are a little deficient to someone who is better staffed to perform in that area.

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