An Outsourced Radiology Coding Case Study

This case study follows the implementation and success of a national imaging center chain who outsourced coding to Dexios.

We were initially approached by the client to analyze radiology coding. Immediately upon becoming a Dexios client, the group saw incredible results. By moving from 3M (formerly Coderyte) to Imagine Software, the group was able to reduce their costs by 20%, keeping their coders and billing in-house, while using outsourced coding solutions.

Coding Audit & Analysis

Upon our initial review, consulting goals for this client involved:

  • Reviewing the client’s coding process, looking for opportunities to streamline tasking and increase efficiencies via staffing or system process modifications
  • Assessing if proper protocols and regulations were being followed
  • Evaluating client’s staff members

Dexios’ coding analysis resulted in the following observations:

  • Coding performed using 3M by six coders
  • 20%-30% of codes went “direct to bill” meaning that 3M coded them without coder intervention
  • When 3M coded a study that was audited by a coder, the coder agreed with 3M’s CPT coding 97% of the time and ICD 98% of the time.
  • It was estimated that if 3M was removed, the client would require two additional coders.

Billing & Coding Challenges

At the conclusion of the assessment, Dexios found other billing issues that we felt were higher priorities than the coding. The client agreed, and further engaged Dexios to help with improving billing practices as well.

Impactful Solutions

Based on our original recommendation, and expertise in Imagine, the client outsourced coding to us. Their coders kept their jobs, while we took over their employment, and provided training in Imagine Software. We had a service level agreement of coding being done without 2 days of receipt.

Superior Results

Our client devolved themselves of all coding so they could focus on other revenue cycle management functions. This essentially saved 20% annually on their former coding costs. Not to mention that 100% of their work is being done by certified, U.S.-based coders.

With a smooth transition and amazing results, the client was extremely pleased:

“Utilizing the Dexios coding services has created many excellent results. Days from services to final bill have reduce to two days. We also now have a larger range of coding experts to run best practices by. Dexios also works closely with your in-house team to streamline process and ensure reimbursement.”

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