How To Streamline Your Radiology Billing Process

Streamlining your radiology billing process can be accomplished through the implementation of new and improved practices. These may include changes in the terms used during dictation, adherence to proper coding practices and the use of innovative billing software.

Such modifications can greatly improve the efficiency of your radiology billing process.

6 Ways To Improve Your Radiology Billing Process

Take a look at some of the following tips, strategies, and solutions you can take advantage of and start seeing improvements in your radiology billing process.

1. Implement Clear Dictation & Coding Practices

The implementation of thorough documentation processes can decrease the time between claim submission and payment. Strong documentation management also reduces the likelihood of claims being denied or requiring resubmission.

Receiving appropriate reimbursement from the insurance company relies on correct terminology. To ensure accurate documentation, radiologists must use precise terminology during dictation. This terminology should include important descriptors so that suitable descriptive modifiers can be utilized during the coding process.

For clarification purposes, descriptors should be used with both study-specific and diagnostic coding.

Your billing entity should be providing you with feedback on your dictation to make sure you are getting the full reimbursement for the studies performed in keeping with proper coding protocols.

If you are unsure of how well you are doing in this area, please contact Dexios for a coding audit.

2. Use Innovative Revenue Cycle & Practice Management Software

Innovative software makes it easy to streamline radiology billing processes.

ImagineSoftware is the most advanced radiology practice management and billing software available. ImagineSoftware is perfect for radiology practices with dedicated billing management personnel and proficient billers and coders. It was designed with radiology groups and imaging centers in mind.

Radiology groups and practices can benefit from owning their own ImagineSoftware license so they can continue their billing process themselves, only more efficiently.

The benefits of ImagineSoftware are many, some of which include:

  • Radiology billing solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of the practice
  • Ensuring maximum collections using the benchmarking process
  • Customized user level and manager training
  • Access to an education and community forum operated by other ImagineSoftware users

3. Consider Billing In The Cloud

Cloud billing allows radiology groups and practices to remain in control of their billing processes while providing the competitive edge necessary to stay on top. With cloud billing, a practice’s ImagineSoftware is hosted on another server by an authorized retailer.

If desired, the practice’s current coders and billers can remain in charge of their radiology billing process. However, even when using in-house coders and billers, the practice receives expert guidance in everything from system set-up to employee training and back-ups.

The benefits of cloud billing include:

  • There is no need to purchase management software outright; therefore, information technology (IT) investment costs are reduced.
  • Users receive system setup assistance from an expert.
  • ImagineSoftware training for managers and employees is provided.
  • With cloud billing, practices can easily predict their monthly cost for IT infrastructure management.
  • Disaster recovery is possible due to the consistent backing up of data, which is essential to ensuring information remains relevant and up-to-date.
  • Remote access to the cloud from anywhere there is an internet connection available.
  • Ongoing support to assist with software issues.

Cloud billing is ideal for radiology practices that are interested in using ImagineSoftware but are unable to invest in their own software license.

In addition, practices seeking expert insight from a billing perspective as well as those without a dedicated information technology staff can use cloud billing as a means to improve their overall billing process.

4. Encourage Collaboration, Communication & Precise Documentation

Adequate communication from one department to the next is key to streamlining the billing process and ensuring a radiology practice runs smoothly. Daily documentation management is one of the most important processes and should be considered a collaborative endeavor.

Billers, coders, radiologists, clinicians, and other staff members need to be able to quickly translate a document for coding purposes, to file a claim or to backup documentation when a claim is denied and in appeal.

Implementing clear and precise documentation procedures can greatly decrease the number of questions that arise, allowing for quick coding and billing of a clean claim.

5. Consider An Insourced Billing Provider

An insourced billing company offers radiology practices a novel solution to their billing issues.

With insourced billing, the practice’s current billing department stays intact and the insourced billing company transitions the management of that department to itself. The practice’s staff is then trained by the billing company.

Once the integration of the practice's billing department with the insourced billing company is complete, the practice’s billing department is being managed by experts in radiology coding and billing.

6. Radiology Billing Process Outsourcing

Many radiology groups do not have the resources necessary to accurately bill insurance companies and receive quick payment for the services rendered. Therefore, to accomplish this task, radiology groups are outsourcing their billing to companies with specially-trained, dedicated and proficient employees.

When billing is outsourced, all the tasks that are related to billing operations are moved to another location. From here, the company performs the tasks necessary to file claims and attain payment for the services rendered.

Since these companies specialize in radiology billing, claims are submitted quickly, with the proper study-specific and diagnostic codes (including descriptors) so that payment is obtained from the insurance company in a timely manner.

Start Simplifying Your Radiology Billing Process

If your radiology practice or group is experiencing difficulty streamlining your billing process, consider trying one of the solutions described above.

Dexios offers a full suite of solutions and will custom tailor a plan to best meet the needs, and solve the challenges, of your radiology billing process.

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