The Best Medical Billing Software For Radiology

As medical technology advances, so does the degree of regulation imposed on medical providers by federal and state governments. For most practices, attempting to implement these regulations on a piecemeal basis is all but impossible.

Instead, you’ll need a software program (or two) that can bring your practice’s practices into line with industry standards.

Not only can savvy billing software often help you avoid the stress and hassle of an audit, but it can also improve your practice’s cash flow and reimbursement rates by ensuring you’re promptly paid for all services rendered.

But with so many software programs available, how can you choose the best fit?

Read on to learn more about several popular medical billing software programs that have the potential to seriously streamline the way your radiology practice does business.

Features of Medical Billing Software for Radiology

Before evaluating the pros and cons of each individual software program, it can be helpful to spend some time evaluating what your practice should be looking for when making a decision.

In general, healthcare facilities and medical providers will utilize radiology billing software to manage a broad range of medical imaging activities.

Each of the software programs on this list can be used by large or small hospital-based group or private imaging centers; while some program features may not be applicable in certain practices, this list does not include any programs that don’t “do it all.”

4 Top Medical Billing Software Programs For Radiology Practices

1. Imagine Software

Imagine Software is one of the top choices of radiology offices who need an all-in-one billing and practice management solution, with around 3 in every 5 radiology practices opting for an Imagine product.

Its subscribers laud the responsive customer service and user-friendly billing platform. This software is also scalable and can work just as well with a small rural radiology practice as with the largest of radiology groups.  

And Imagine's user-operated community forum is a repository of radiology-specific knowledge that can help you get your questions answered.


MedFM for Radiology combines CPU’s comprehensive MedFM software with its radiology information system (RIS), which can provide billing and scheduling services under a single, easy-to-use platform.

This software, also owned by Imagine, is available both in-house and on demand, allowing practices to customize their billing solutions in a way that best makes sense for their individual structure and processes.

3. HealthPAC

HealthPAC’s HPlusRIS comprises a full-service workflow management system. It can handle all aspects of the patient relationship, from referral to scheduling to post-appointment follow-up, billing, and more.

Its incorporation of Dragon Medical’s dictation software allows busy radiologists to effortlessly transcribe their verbal reports, saving time and avoiding the duplication of effort.

4. PracticeSuite

This software integrates with RIS/PACS and, like other options, constitutes a referral-to-post-treatment workflow that manages billing and claims, pre-authorization, scheduling, coding, and claim appeals.

You can run reports to sort data by procedure, referring provider, and other parameters to get a better idea of any patterns that could make the billing and payment process as efficient as possible.

Choosing The Best Medical Billing Software For Radiology

While these are some of the top programs available, there’s no one “right” solution for every business, so don’t hesitate to ask providers for a demo so that you can ensure the software you choose is the best fit.

Dexios is an award-winning retailer of Imagine Software and the first vendor of Imagine's cloud billing solutions. We encourage you to see what Imagine Software has to offer your radiology billing department.

Regardless of which medical billing software your practice ultimately selects, you're sure to enjoy the efficiency and improved collection rates you observe once you move your billing, image-sharing, and customer relationship management processes to one seamless program.

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